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B E H I N D  B O R D E R L A N D S  C O L L E C T I O N 

Oversize unisex cuts and flashy colors with a hint of active wear, the ARK/8 x Borderlands collection was created with a bold mindset. The idea was to bring an unprecedented level of quality to a video game themed collaboration. A departure from the traditional merchandise model of printed t-shirts and hoodies. 

Following the sell-out success of the third version of Borderlands video game (Borderlands 3), Ark/8 decided to revisit the universe of the game and created a limited collection in collaboration with Gearbox (the software’s game series). This collaboration came to an amazing collection of diverse lifestyle clothes inspired by the original concept and characters from the third version of the game. 

The objective was to strike the right balance between comfortable loungewear and streetwear designed to be worn in a more urban setting. Borderlands was the perfect partner for that, with its rough environments and stylish art direction. Our friends at Gearbox allowed us to be bold design-wise, and create a collection that felt true to the brand while exploring uncharted territory for apparel based on a gaming franchise. Oversize cuts, custom constructions, top-notch executions. All of that on the backdrop of a fully custom store experience based on the game’s infamous UI.  “No compromise” is our motto.  


This collection is a combination of Ark/8 futuristic style and the apocalyptic universe of Borderlands 3. It drives us to a collection designed for spacefaring adventures that draws a lot of references from the game while keeping a subtle style. It was designed for extra durability. We thrive to bring craftsmanship together with modern techniques which allow us to blend the best materials with durable executions. Our sweaters, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts and accessories are made to last, down to every detail. Low pilling heavy fleece, high-grade vegan leather, military-grade nylon are the basis of our formula. 


At ARK/8, our philosophy is to give life to products that have been crafted with a lot of time, care, and attention, and that you will be able to cherish for many years to come. This is not fast-fashion, it’s passion driven. 

For more on our Borderlands Collection, check out our exclusive Borderlands store here.
With Love,
The ARK/8 Crew.

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