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ARK/8 x surudenise

Denise Rashidi is an illustrator and photographer born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany. Growing up, she has been surrounded by different cultures due to her mixed heritage and constant travels within her family. In her first trip to Japan, she discovered her love for architecture, nature and nostalgic pastel colours, which led her to translate her travel experiences into her own signature “Neon Pastel”- style.

She likes to create places and scenes sometimes based on real life locations, while adding a twist to turn them into a dream world. Her main goal is to give the viewers a feeling of warmth, familiarity and dream like nostalgia even if they have no personal connections to the places she depicts.
Since ARK/8’s main influence is also traveling, this collaboration was a match made in Heaven and a true work of passion, ARK/8 shares its love for durable, comfortable fabrics and high-end executions to Denise’s dreamy art, resulting in timeless pieces.

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